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The steep and treacherous Glen Onoko Falls - A new standard of toughness


The final waterfall is the tough one - even if the ones before it are accessed with root grabs to ascend the 60degree incline (and greater) that much of the climb is. Definitely one of the more picturesque trails of PA. You will literally go off the map to get to the final falls - but trust me, they're worth it!

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Spending the Day with my Niece at Glen Onoko


A day out with my niece at Glen Onoko and Jim Thorpe with a stop at Cabela's along the way.

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In the Land of the Molly Maguires (Jim Thorpe)


AThe picturesque town of Jim Thorpe and the Old Jail that you can still visit to check out the historical executions of the Molly Maguires.

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The Lee Smith Birthday - Waterfalls, Monster Trucks, Casinos, Filet Mignon, and Chicken!


The big 46 with my bestest bestest taking in waterfalls, monster trucks, and casinos, while eating filet mignon, and chicken!

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Ithaca is Gorges or Fences - It's All Relative


The waterfalls of the Ithaca area - as many of the 100 in 10 miles that we could possibly get to! Just don't try to kill yourself - they have nets on the bridges to stop you (and ruin the natural view for the rest of us who have no interest in trying to use nature to shuffle ourselves off this mortal coil).

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The Best Waterfall in New York State - Taughannock State Park


And yes, I am familiar with Niagara Falls (but I have no interest to go back to that national disgrace). However, this Cayuga Lake feeding waterfall in the Finger Lakes is not only the best waterfall in the Ithaca area, but it's the best waterfall that I've seen in the entire state.

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Ludlowville Falls - Beautiful in all seasons, but spectacular in winter


About 20 minutes or so out of town and up the lake, but well worth the trip... especially in winter. Bring your microspikes and your bravery after a cold spell. You'll be glad you did.

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Robert Treman State Park - A Trip to Lucifer's Falls


The home of Lucifer's Falls - another great (and huge) waterfall in the Ithaca area.

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The Erosive Beauty of Watkins Glen


Not the racetrack since road racing is only fun if you're Boris Said, Ron Fellows, and Robbie Gordon, but alas... Watkins Glen is a sweet chasm of geological and erosive wonder underneath the Finger Lakes of central New York. That said, it takes forever to get up there.

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Lake Seneca Minus the Wineries


Situated in central New York, this finger lake which provides the water for Watkins Glen and a ton of boaters and birds is quite scenic - even if you're not a wino looking to visit the wineries.

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Stonybrook State Park New York


A beautiful family park on the western side of New York by Dansville.

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Trips into the mountains of north central PA: World's End State Park


Just to the north of Ricketts is Worlds End, a giant mountain that features superb views of the Loyalsock Creek. The path along the way up is very steep and vanishes so that's another issue, but my greatest argument against the park is closing for winter hikers. Personally, we stand by the right and privilege of any free American to take risks (for Abbey's sake), but alas... in this lawsuit happy world of scumbags like Jon Edwards...

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Weekends Spent With The Elk of Elk County PA


For the last weekend of June in 2012, Heather and I drove the nearly 4 hour trek to northern PA's WIlds region to find some really cool elk. What we got was a herd coming through the dark for breakfast on Saturday, weather too cool to swim and to warm to hike, and a lot of great scenery. Can't wait to go back in the fall!

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Thee Place for Extreme Kayaking or Just Hiking - Hornbecks Creek


While we were technically there before (Indian Ladders is the top of Hornbecks Creek), the real deal stuff is from the bottom of 209. There are 3 falls with a gorge in between 1+2 that features a series of 10+ foot un-named falls that make for extreme kayaking fun - time to learn how to do that (and get a good insurance policy and health care plan!!!).

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Biggest Waterfall in Pennsylvania - Raymondskill


And so it was that in June of 2009 we finally tagged the bottom of Raymondskill (3rd visit). Almost 200 feet tall (ff you count both falls as 1), it's definitely a must see - but mostly for what's at the bottom.

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Tumbling Waters - A short walk into the woods - the first waterfall on PA209


The first waterfall on the Route 209 circuit. There is the 2 upper falls and the 1 lower falls, which are all really neat and quite challenging to get at from the bottom. That said, if all you see is the lower falls, do them in summer and check out the glistening green ferns that fill the creekside.

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Trips to Northern PA's Other Mega Waterfall - Bushkill Falls


Yes, it's bigger than anything at Ricketts, but you also have to pay additional funds to get in AND they have this thing about not letting people in to hike during the winter. Personally, in the words of my personal hero Bill O' Reilly, we think that is ridiculous.

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The Waterfalls and Images of PA209


Raymondskill, Tumbling Waters, Silverthread, and Dingman's Falls are all included in this album. More updates in the fall when the leaves start to change!

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I Finally Made it to the Wave


On the 4th time, he made it to see Coyote Buttes and the Wave. WOO HOO!!! The toughest hike ever. All the same, he learned Crash Davis' rule - "DON'T THINK! IT CAN ONLY HURT THE BALLCLUB!"

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Zion National Park - Best Park on the Colorado Plateau


Red Yosemite in all of its glory. If you go there, you will clearly love the Zion Narrows or you're a communist spy and traitor to all that is America. Someday, we're going back and doing the Subway, Angel's Landing, Orderville Canyon, and some of the other slots. Someday.

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Real Deal American Ghosts at Mesa Verde


My favorite national park, which is famous for the archaeological ruins that are preserved here. While you can wander the mesa tops and sides, it's really all about the cliff dwellings.

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Where Britney Sang About not Being a Girl + Not Being a Woman: Antelope Canyon


And yes, the Navajos do use this as a selling point when they take you on a tour of both sections of this awesome slot canyon.

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Visions of hoodoos and weathered fins - Bryce Canyon


The best new place I visited in 2007's desert odyssey. The ampitheater is an incredible view and an amazing place to hike around. Highly recommended by the good folks at this website.

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Painted Deserts and Rock Solid Lumber - Petrified Forest


From the NPS - Over 200 million years ago, the logs washed into an ancient river system + were buried quick + deep enough by massive amounts of sediment + debris also carried in the water, that oxygen was cut off + decay slowed to a process that would now take centuries. Minerals absorbed into the porous wood over hundreds + thousands of years crystallized within the cellular structure, replacing the organic material as it broke down over time. Here large jewel-like crystals of clear quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, + smoky quartz formed.

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Hole in the rock park - Arches National Park


Delicate Arch and the scenery of these amazing geological wonders of the Southwest. Over the years, I've seen more and more of it, but the temperatures are just too unbearable to truly spend a day there. That said, I dream of going back and doing the Fiery Furnace.

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Viewed from the Waters of Lake Powell - Rainbow Bridge


We weren't able to do many things during vacation 2010, but we did make it to this place, but before it was over, we ended up getting super sick and going out of commission the whole next day. Prior to that, here were the views of the scenery (Rainbow Bridge!) from Glen Canyon and the dam that created Lake Powell.

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Waterholes Canyon - A Short Trip from Page


Waterholes Canyon is located on Navajo land right outside of Page, Arizona. It costs about $11 to get in, and the trail is actually a rocklined avenue through to the bottom of the fenced in area. When you get there, it's actually more narrow than it looks.

Definitely a fun hike.

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Paria Canyon: Home of the Wave and slot canyons


Everyone makes such a big deal about the Grand Canyon, but Paria is a lot quieter and they have Buckskin Gulch, the Toadstool Trail, and the Wave.

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The Big Walls of the Great Ditch - Grand Canyon


I know I said that I would never go back there, but seeing as I'm going below the rim, I now have an excuse to go back in there.
I still meant it when I said that there is no reason to go to this park if all you're going to do is take pictures of the rim because you'll just want to throw annoying kids, annoying dogs, and angry touristy types over the edge. That said, I'm probably angry to state that.

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In the Desert Solitaire - Abbey's Colorado Plateau


The Colorado Plateau. Soon to be updated again because nothing beats slots canyons and the beautiful meditative silence of the desert except Reese Witherspoon, but seeing as she is not in my life, I'll have to "settle" for the desert.

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On the Road to See the Ghosts of Northern Arizona: Cliff Dwellers Arizona


Right before the Navajo Bridge, you will come to this little stop, and while it's a roadside attraction and Navajo jewelry stop, it's actually a really cool place to stretch the legs and imagine the ghosts of great warriors come and gone as you marvel at the rocks and houses built up against them.

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Ute Mountain Tribal park: A day with the Ancient Spirits:


The unspoiled Native American run part of Mesa Verde, which is really cool, but you're at the mercy of where the Utes want to take you. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's not a guarantee what you're getting until you get there.

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The Great Big Hole in the Arizona Landscape - Meteor Crater


The tourist trap that is the first proven meteor strike of serious magnitude on our planet - and what a big hole it is!!

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Getting Lost in Abbey's world - Canyonlands National Park + Newspaper Rock


The Utah equivalent of the Grand Canyon in all of its above the river glory, which is to say it's basically a nice view, but a long drive out into the middle of nowhere. Someday, we're going to do the Grand Gallery and see the sights from the floor of the canyon. Of this, I dream!

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The other park of the Colorado Plateau - Capitol Reef


For what is there and what is the geological wonder of this national park, it's a great place to visit once, but as a fellow traveller asked me, "what's there?" not much if you're not a rock hound scientist, but it's definitely worth 1 visit - esp. if you like picking all the fruit you can eat from the orchards.

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The Secret World of Clear Creek Canyon


North of Phoenix is a creek that you can wander and hike / swim through. It's pretty peaceful, but in all honesty, it's more about flyfishing than it is about hiking.

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In the City of Sin: Las Vegas PIctures


Pictures from Heather's 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas for fun and excitement. At least there was excitement, adventure, and $3 in gambling.

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Standing on the Edge of the Hoover Dam


Lake Mead boat tour, down into Hoover Dam, and up above Hoover Dam... our trip on Heather's 40th birthday.

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Having Close Encounters at Devil's Tower


The fine site that became the backdrop for Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. Yes, before Richard Dreyfuss did a lame turn as Mr. Holland, he was cool in Jaws and Close Encounters. So to that, I say, "ROY!! ROY!!!" Yep... prayer blankets, native American myths about giant bears and princesses and a really cool geological wonder.

Hell yeah.

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Super Volcano Waiting to Go Off - Yellowstone National Park!


Now that I've scanned ALL of the stuff (instead of just SOME of the stuff), it seemed like it would be a good idea to make these photos into their own album (that and they're beautiful). So see them to inspire yourself to see the real thing before the super volcano goes off and destroys the entire western part of America.

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The Grandest of the Grand Tetons Photos


Since I lost all of my photos in 2000 due to exposing my film, these are the 2002 pictures to make up for those lost pictures.

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Nobody Ever Conquered Wyoming from the Left or from the Right


Scowlin' Dick Cheney's home of the Grand Tetons. Yellowstone and Devil's Tower are different albums since they have so many pictures that they need to stand alone!

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The Lure of Honeycombs' License Plates and South Dakota


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the image of Mount Rushmore on the license plate of South Dakota. When I was an adult (2000), I finally made it to this awesome state. My images are from 2000 and 2002, but hopefully, 2008 will be another chance to visit this great state on the high plains.

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Craters of the Moon Idaho: A Journey into the Earth


In 2002, I drove out west, and I stopped at the really cool named Craters of the Earth. The rocks were fun to play around on, but it was like many things in the great empty west - EMPTY. That said, the natural caves that were buried beneath the debris of geology's forces were really cool.

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Going Out West...


Where they'll appreciate me.
Hopefully, just like Tom Waits sings, I'll look good without a shirt on when I'm hiking the canyons and deserts of all things in the South West and great void between the Rockies and the Sierras.

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No One Can Dream a Place Like California


The coast, the desert, the mountains, the cities, the stinky-footed hippies and the anti-2nd amm. behavior of those San Franciscans (although they do have a cool city otherwise). Yep - in the words of Jay Farrar, "no one can dream a place like California..."

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Great Serpent Mound: Ohio's Mound Builders Prize Creation


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The American World of Monuments and Granite on the Potomac: Washington DC


A truly awesome city with so much history and emotion. I look to DC in the summer of 05 as the catalyst to who I currently am politically and personally. I could go down there every couple months and never grow tired of the monuments and museums.

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The Museums in DC


Various pictures from the Smithsonian Museums, which were taken over the years.

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Assassination Chic - The Booth Escape Trail - An Act of Treason Revisited


A work in progress. We start with Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot. We move on to the Surratt Tavern and the Mudd House with the Peterson House thrown in for good measure. Eventually, as time and money and weather cooperate, I'll get the other stops, too.

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Monticello's Beauty in Architecture and Nature


Heather loves HGTV and I think Jefferson is the greatest president we ever had. Is it any wonder that we went to his former mansion outside Charlottesville?

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Mount Vernon - America's "First" President's Home


Ok, so it's not like Jefferson's home, but it's still nice - save the LONG waits to get into the mansion. And yes, it's true that Washington wasn't really a man of words (we can't all be Jefferson), but it is American history and it has a great view of the Potomac and a cool weathervane on top!

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Washington Crossing Pennsylvania: A Re-enactment for Kicking Hessian Ass


In 1776, General George changed everything by saying to Hell with decorum as he launched an attack on the Hessian garrison at Trenton by taking his men over the Delaware River. http://www.ushistory.org/washingtoncrossing/ Taking men that were pretty much down and out to the point that some of them didn't even have boots and making Ten Crucial Days work for the American revolutionary cause, George ensured his leadership would drive America to a new place in the world. These are pictures of the Christmas re-enactment of said daring venture.

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USS Wisconsin: Battleship in Virginia Beach


Here's to the hardworking men who fought for this country from WW2 to the Gulf War on this boat located in Hampton, Virginia

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Hampton, Virginia, Air and Space Museum


Just as good as the Smithsonian... definitely worth a trip to see astronomy and memorials to people with the Right Stuff.

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Virginia Beach


Random images from the beach and town of Virginia Beach.

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Virginia Beach Aquarium


Turtles, sharks, rays, river otters, lion fish, and a lot of other cool stuff... We saw it on a rainy day, but it would be awesome any day of the year in any conditions!

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Cape Henry Lighthouse


Located in Fort Story near Virginia Beach - marks on the windows from graffiti left by jerkish visitors. Leave no trace, people. It's simple - really.

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The Gorge at Conkle's Hollow


One of the many joys of Hocking Hills Ohio (like nothing else in Ohio). The gorge is 1/2 mile walk in on flat ground, but it's sweet with the walls and the natural images - even if it's a paved path until you get to the end. Next time I go back, I'm going for the 2.5 mile rim walk, which is supposed to be incredible.

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Hocking Hills Rock House: A Little Bit of Mesa Verde in Ohio


One of the many joys of Hocking Hills Ohio (like nothing else in Ohio). If it wasn't for the green, I'd think I was at Mesa Verde. My photos in the cave are a little dark, but if you go there at the right time, you can get the light shining in for fantastic shots. http://www.hockinghills.com/parks/p_rock.htm They're there for the taking - if you get there at the right time.

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Cantwell Cliffs: Waterfalls, Tight Canyons, and Midwestern Beauty.


One of the many joys of Hocking Hills Ohio (like nothing else in Ohio). There are paths through the cliffs that feel like slot canyons in the middle of the woods. A relatively short trail with some amphitheaters for Native American dwellings.

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The Starting Point for Hocking Hills: Old Man's Cave


One of the many joys of Hocking Hills Ohio (like nothing else in Ohio) - if you don't have to deal with the crowds. There were way too many people there when I went. After seeing this and the dried up waterfalls, I had to say that nature was beautiful, but most people need to stay in the cities - especially if they bring their annoying kids who just clog up the trails.

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Pictures that Almost Weren't: Mad River Kayaking Trip


The Mad River was a learning experience until I went in the river going down a tiny waterfall. Then, it sucked because I thought I lost my $250 waterproof camera. Fortunately, my brother in law found it in the front of my kayak when they recovered it. After that, it was a relaxing ride down a swift current.

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Swatara State Park: Digging for Fossils


While they truck in the dirt, it's still fun to break the rocks and to see if we can find anything. It's also a jumping on spot for the Appalachian Trail

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Southern Lancaster County Forest: Tucquan Glen


A Lancaster County recreational area to play in.

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The Country Parks of York County - Nixon County Park, Lakes Williams and Redmon


Not so big hills and a creek that rolls through to view out on the surrounding lakes area go along well with a museum that houses some find taxidermy and some interesting natural finds. The pictures of Lake Williams with ice include bald eagles, who are nesting in the area. Beautiful stuff!

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Susqhueannock State Park + York Lock 12 - Days Spent along the River


These pictures include many of the images that can be seen by driving south from Lancaster to the Susquehana RIver. Susquehannock State Park is a series of views on a cliff with minimal forest walking. Lock 12 has some nice walks too as well as waterfalls.

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The Bald Eagles of Conowingo Dam


Come and visit the bald eagles of Conowingo Dam, which is located about 1 hour south of Lancaster at the top of Maryland on the Susquehana River.

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Elk Neck State Park: Chesapeake Bay Views


Elk Neck State Park is located on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. A very beautiful park with a short walk to a lighthouse.

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The top of the Chesapeake - Havre de Grace


Located at the top of the Chesapeake Bay is Havre de Grace, a nice little bayside town that is more than worth a visit.

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Along the Chesapeake - Annapolis


Valentine's Day 2015 Trip to Annapolis, where it was freezing cold!

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Journeys to the Waterfalls of Maryland


Right now, it's just the Great Falls of the Potomac, Muddy Creek Falls, and Swallow Falls, but someday... there will be more. You can help the cause by sending lots of money. I'm just saying.

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Deep Creek Lake in Maryland: Kayaking and Summer Fun


Deep Creek Lake in Maryland is actually on the western side of the state not far from the playground world of West Virginia's woodlands. Heather and I went with her friends Kelly and Ted and enjoyed the wonderful pursuit of kayaking together... and she didn't even kill me!!!

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Far above the Clouds in the Shenandoahs


Multiple trips to the stegasaurus plates of Virginia that begin at Front Royal and head on down through the great state of Virginny...

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Smokey Mountains 2016 Vacation


Our visit to the Smokies with Will, Heidi, Liam, and Zach in all its glory.

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The Smokey Mountains


Yes, they were beautiful, but no, I really didn't get to see them properly. As is, going with the X wasn't exactly a trek through nature kind of time, but all the same, a definite must see. Some day, I will go back and see Pigeon Forge and Dollywood.

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Conasauga Falls - As the Thunder Roars, the Hike Continues


Located in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee, this sweet 30 foot or so set of blocks creates a fair bit of drops from one level to the next. It's not a long trail (less than 2 miles round trip), and it's very manicured, though at the end, it gets a little rougher with debris. Nevertheless, there are stairs to the end, so that makes up for it. I actually ran down the beginning part of the trail and didn't worry about tripping. Coming up wasn't bad, but it is a little bit of elevation. The thunder that I heard while walking down sounded very prolonged and close to where I was. In fact, I thought the angels would bowl me over at some points.

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Honeymoon in + around Elkins, West Virginia - it's not Deliverance


The various photos from Elkins, West Virginia, where Ol' Girl and I went on our honeymoon.

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Red Rocks Means Coal Mine Pollution: Douglas Falls, WVa


Douglas Falls is actually polluted by all of the effects that have come from mining way back when. That said, if you don't know why things are reddish / orange, they actually look kind of beautiful. Just don't swim in the water!

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The Waterfalls of West Virginia that We've Seen


This folder contains Beachy Run, Dolly Sods, Blackwater Falls, and the Falls of Hill Creek.

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Hiking at Seneca Rocks and Spruce Knob - "Away, rain and fog!!"


The 2 big mountains of West Virginia that we took on, Spruce Knob (the tallest) and Seneca Rocks (the one we walked up) are on display here.

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We're all Aboard for Ghosts and Insanity at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


The site of some serious haunting that was documented by the TAPS guys (soon to be by the Ghost Adventurer wimps), the trans allegheny lunatic asylum ia a really cool spot for psychologists too as it once housed the "not right" (whether they were truly not right or just dumped off by family).

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Saying no to terrorism with the ultimate in heroism - Flight 93 Memorial


A powerful statement of America's true spirit and rememberance to the heroes who fought back on that September day.

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Walks into History - Wandering Amongst the Ghosts of Gettysburg


The greatest historical site of Pennsylvania, hands down, and you don't even have to be a Civil War buff to appreciate it.

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With a Rebel Yell, it's going to take a little longer than we thought - Manassas


Whether you call it Bull Run or Manassas, it's definitely a powerful moment in American history. As the crowds watched and the politicians assassinated the careers of anyone who dared to say that the Civil War would last longer than a modern baseball season, the first shots were fired just south of DC. When it was over, the North was defeated and running back to their homes in the North and the generals were training men to continue a 4-year bloodbath across the hills, valleys, and cities of our country.

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Remembering Antietam: The Battlefield and the Illumination


The pictures of the illumination are a little rough, but the sentiment of 1 candle lit paper bag for every dead or injured soldier in the momentous Civil War battle (23,000) is one of honor and commitment, which means a lot to me. Definitely worth the trip. http://www.nps.gov/anti/planyourvisit/luminary.htm

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Burning of Chambersburg


The annual tribute to the town that was ransacked and burned down by Confederates in retaliation for Northern aggression in the South. Some Confederates resisted and helped the town in the time of damage and pain. One Colonel actually disobeyed a direct order to do this, and gave up his position. A very powerful dramatization.

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The National Civil War Museum


The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA, is definitely worth a visit. If you do Gettysburg, Antietam, and Harper's Ferry, but leave this off your trip, then you're a farb.

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Lots of Deer Used to Run Around at Valley Forge


Deer, monuments, and all the other things that make Valley Forge a spectacular stop on the Revolutionary War trail.

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Where I Sort of "Lose" My Fear of Heights" - New York State Festival of Balloons


Tons of balloons and a small town festival vibe at the end of summer 2015.

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Philadelphia's Chinese Lantern Festival and Independence Hall


Colorful animals presented in an inflated kind of psychedelic light show way... that and Independence Hall / The Liberty Bell.

A splendid time was had by all.

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Reading Air Show; A Day Back in World War 2


Every year, the airport at Reading commemorates DDay with a multi-day air show. In 2013, Heather and i went to it.

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Old Time Flight Days Bethel 2017


Old airplanes and $25 a flight to pumpkin bomb the world down in the valley in front of the Appalachian Trail on Route 78 in Pennsylvania. How can you go wrong?!!

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Lake Tobias Wildlife Park


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Lehigh Valley Zoo: Food for the Lorikeets


An awesome day to be big kids at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. We got to feed the giraffes, goats, and lorikeets, and lorikeets got to eat my ear wax!

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The Mystery of Our Times: Why You Build a Fort So Close to an Airport - Fort Mifflin


Apparently, there are a lot of stupid questions in the world, but as to having a revolutionary war fort being rendered young in comparison the airport. by tourists.. yeah. Alas, for history and hauntings, this is outside the Philly airport.

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Bube's Brewery Murder Mystery


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Okefenokee Swamp: Gators with Will and Heidi


Waycross, Georgia, Okefenokee Swamp with Will and Heidi spring 2017

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Little Talbot Island off Jacksonville, Florida


North of Jacksonville with Will, Heidi, Liam, and Zac

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The Joy that is Florida


NOW!! just the pictures from when I was a kid. See the Ward Family Vacation for the other Florida pictures (and Canaveral Beach as well).

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St. Augustine - it's not just a Band of Horses song


We went for an afternoon, and it was a good time. There is a really cool shopping and dining area and a fort, so if you're so inclined in northern Florida...

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(Getting) Medieval (on yo butt) Times


Valentine's Day 2015 trip to Medieval Times in Hanover, Maryland, which has a mega mall with lots of stuff to do - if you can find parking.

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Atlantic City: Meet Me There Tonight Because We're Stronger than the Storm!


I can't say that Jersey Shore ruined its reputation, but that said, it didn't help it. However, Heather and I had a fun time when we went down for the weekend to gamble and to go see Sting. We also had a fun time after it was rebuilt following Hurricane Sandi since Heather cleaned up on a Monopoly Slot!

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Wildwood, Cape May, Stone Harbor: Autumn 2016 Beach Excursion


Cape May can be really scenic and pretty, but Wildwood is still the Joisey Shore. Nuff' said. Nevertheless, it was a nice Columbus Day Weekend getaway... even with the rain.

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Deep Sea Fishing Wildwood


A fun day fishing in the "deep" seas off wildwood for baitfish! Anyway, it was more about fun and enjoying the day while seeing the sights!

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Thar She Blows: Whale Watching at Lewes Beach


A great trip to Fisherman's Wharf Ocean and Bay Fishing and Cruising at Lewes Beach, Delaware. The captain went out of his way to stay out longer so we could see about 20 surfacings and jumpings by this whale. Great day! Not pictured - lots of porpoise jumps, which I just watched.

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The Great Falls of the Passaic


Located in Paterson, New Jersey, which no longer resembles the world of William Carlos Williams (it's a run down industrial city in northern New Jersey's New York City over-spill). It's a shame though because the width on these bad boys and their drop (apparently it changes between mid 50s and high 70s) makes them one of the biggest flowing waterfalls in the area (we were told just behind Niagara). I definitely would recommend them, but I would also say to make sure you go in daylight.

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The waterfalls of New Jersey


A work in progress as we venture into New Jersey from Route 209 in the Poconos.

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Do You Know the Secret of Secret Caverns


The best part of our trip to New York for the Adirondacks was Secret Caverns where the secret is that there is a 100foot undeground waterfall. Rock and roll in 70's psychedelic fashion is king and life is good as you wander through the undground caverns. Oh, hell yeah!!

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Labor Day Adirondacks Weekend


Labor Day 2009 weekend was a camping trip to New York. Here are the random pictures from various places in the Adirondacks.

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Following in the Footsteps of my Grandparents - Ausable Chasm


Pictures from 2009 and the late 1930's make up this album of very north New York's state deep walled canyon and river that provide for pictures and outdoor recreation. All in all, it's another opportunity to follow in the steps of my grandparents.

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Natural Stone Bridges - Amusement Park of the Adirondacks


I'm sure it means well, but there are 1) too many people, 2) too much touristy hype, 3) too little focus on an outdoor experience, and 4) too much cost to get in the door. The only good part is Noisy Cave and you can see my pictures and video of that, so why bother going?!!

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Lincoln Caverns: Huntington PA's Cave


While not watery, waterfall having, or completely filled with huge stalagmites and stalactites, it is a beautiful cave with a good tour if you're out in Central PA.

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Through the Waters of Penn's Cave


a through the water cave outside of Penn State. A great place to spend a day.

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Pennsylvania also has a Grand Canyon


Attention folks, Governor Ridge and myself would like you to know that Pennsylvania also has a grand canyon. Check it out!!

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Tioga County Weekend


At Pete's cabin for the Saturday and Sunday after the Mid State Trail meeting, which snow cancelled. What happens in Tioga tends to stay there.

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The Cliff Trail from Raymondskill to Milford - Atop Route 209 in the Poconos


On a 94 degree day, I went up the incline and checked out the sweet views of the Delaware River, which was located below. A lot of sheer drops and some really good views. That said, why idiots need to leave pornographic graffiti on fences boggles the mind.

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Haystacks and Dutchman Falls - A Day on the Loyalsock Trail


OK, so rapids it's probably not, but it's still a pretty section (and manicured) along the Loyalsock Trail in Sullivan County PA, which truly is one of the more beautiful places to be.

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Ohiopyle waterfall: Carved into the mountains of western PA


My introduction to winter waterfalls. Pete and I hiked out there in 2001 when I took him back to college. Not many pictures, but they're all good and that's what matters.

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Seven Tubs - Carved into the mountains of northern PA


Not quite Watkins Glen, but closer to home - actually, it's right outside of Wilkes Barre. A very short trail with minimal incline affords a great picnic with slip and slide waterfall action and heart shaped pools amongst the mountain laurel.

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It's about knowing where they are not hearing where they are: Angel Falls, PA


Sunshine, fresh air, dirt, water, sweat, and mud may be the answer to the meaning of life (definitely the spring and summer version), but finding wildflowers is always so much more fun with Heather. Scott Brown informed his readers that if you blink, you might miss the stream to the waterfall because it's such a piddly little thing. It is. Stick to the old trail when the Loyalsock goes back up the hill. You don't want that. Also, if you overshoot it, you'll go down toward a cabin and a fence for a wild area. If you've gone there, you're too far. The brush and the cold streams mean TURN AROUND - don't proceed on!

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Hickory Run - Hawk Falls (autumn leaves + winter ice)


Hawks Falls and various nature scenes as driven through and walked to. Not one of the best state parks in PA, but definitely a great little waterfall trail to take for a morning walk - before the hordes of casual hikers descend upon it.

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Our Trip to Kinzua Bridge


A huge tornado came and took out this bridge, but now, you can return to see the nearly 300 foot drop into the valley and all of the seasonal colors of northern PA's Wilds.

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Pole Steeple - Across from Sunset Rocks


A great view back on the ridge line with Sunset Rocks on it. A much sweeter view of the surrounding area as well. For us, it's about a 2 hour drive out to Pine Grove State Park to take this in.

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Several Days at Sunset Rocks


An hour or so past Harrisburg, these views are pretty typical for ridges along the trails of Pennsylvania. That said, the boulder ridge was sweet. The view from the actual rocks was better in fall than summer - I'm just saying.

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Cook Forest State Park: A State Park Stumbled Upon


A sweet little state park in NW PA. Water sports and short hikes abound. Very scenic and relaxing... oh yes... very scenic and relaxing!

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The Jack Morris Birthday Weekend (47)


Raystown, the Throne Room, and a roaring fire with a birthday cake at the end! The big 47.

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Memorial Day 2014 at Raystown Lake


Heather and I went on a Memorial Day weekend camping trip to Raystown and took in a lot of local scenery. A beautiful place to escape.

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Trough Creek State Park: Rhodos, waterfall, rock, + a windblown trail


The home of Rainbow Falls, which also houses Raystown Lake, some superb views, a balanced rock, and a lot of rhododendrons and mountain laurel. The trail is really not maintained, and frankly, it's easy to get into adventures trying to find the blazes as things that aren't the trail, looks like the trail - not to mention how many trails all run together in one small section of the map. A nice place to hike - if you know that.

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Wolf Sanctuary of Lancaster County


Located about 30 minutes from us in the backwoods by Speedwell Forge

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Centralia and Ashland: Where the mines run deep and the fires still burn


The coal fires that have raged under this town have driven out all but the die hards. You've gotta be a die hard to put up with the smell of sulphur.

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Wildcat Falls - A Waterfall in the Backyard


Thanks to the owner for being so cool as to not care about unknown tourists asking to see his waterfall (blame Waterfalls of the Mid Atlantic by Gary Letcher). We knocked and he was generous. There wasn't much water, but I can imagine how beautiful the backyard would look after a rainstorm!

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The migratory birds of Middle Creek - Some of Them at Least


The massive flight of the snow geese and tundra swans - and some other pictures taken over the seasons as well.

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So we went Fourth of July Camping at Little Buffalo State Park


The map says it's just outside of Harrisburg, but actually, it's a little more north. The Juniata River (pronounced JOO NEE AT UH - not JUAN EE AT UH - important note for people from Ohio) runs behind the campground we stayed at and Little Buffalo Creek is a nice manmade lake with a great walk around it.

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Wissahickon Gorge: Philadelphia Nature Hike


The crown jewel of Philthydelphia's Fairmount Park. I can't say a lot of nice things about Philthydelphia (save it is Will Smith's home town - "hell yeah!"), so that's actually saying something.

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Beautiful Flora of the Philadelphia Flower Show 2017


Heather and I finally made it to Philly to see the Flower Show... definitely worth the trip.

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2019


Expensive and crowded... more autumn than spring, but there are some pretty flowers here... especially if you like fall flowers.

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Longwood Gardens: The Fountains Reopen Summer 2017


Another great trip to Longwood Gardens for fountains, lilies, and sunflowers as well as the other great flowers of summer.

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A Place For All Seasons: Longwood Gardens


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. More specific flowers and Christmas are in different folders.

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Longwood Gardens Tulips Spring 2017


A full display of all of the beautiful tulips of Longwood!

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Heather's Spring 2014 Longwood Gardens Pictures


A trip to Longwood Gardens in mid-April. After the cold of winter, it was too soon for the tulips, but Heather took these beautiful pictures anyway.

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The Longwood Gardens Fountains, Waterfalls, + Sprinkler Room Pictures


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. Just the 2 fountain areas that are outside.

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The Longwood Gardens Orchids


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. Just the orchids

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The Longwood Gardens Autumn Pumpkins and the Like


In Kennett Square, Pennsylvania... an awesome place to check out.

7 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2011

The Longwood Gardens Water Lilies


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. Just the water lilies

157 files, last one added on Apr 16, 2017

The Longwood Gardens Hibiscus Room Pictures


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. Just the hibiscus room, which also includes roses

97 files, last one added on Apr 16, 2017

The Longwood Gardens Stargazer Pictures


In Kennett Square, Pennsylvania... an awesome place to check out.

20 files, last one added on May 13, 2014

The Longwood Gardens Tulip Paths


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. The tulip paths of April.

125 files, last one added on Jun 07, 2013

All of the Longwood Gardens Night Lights by Bruce Monro


Southeastern PA's flower capital. A comparison of pictures of flowers in bloom versus those about to bloom over time. Bruce Monro's 2012 night light show.

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Random Tiffany Haddish Approved Groupon and Cheap Stuff Fun Days


Various things, too small for their own album, so they go here!

44 files, last one added on Sep 16, 2018

Parkinson's and Other Charity Walks


Random charity walks

34 files, last one added on Jan 01, 2019

Relaxing Days Now that the Ponds are Completed!


Just pictures of the big waterfall / pond's creation.

273 files, last one added on Jun 20, 2018

A New Home for Dan and Heather


Heather's major changes and renovations with some of my help thrown in (all that HGTV paid off in creating HGTV2). Thank you, Obama, our families, friends, and all those who made this a great place to grow old in.

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An enjoyable day in the gardens of our house


Because the house folder was getting big and the outside of the house was turning into Longwood Gardens North.

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In Memory of Less than a Week of Beauty - The Now Deceased Peonies of our Garden


Our peony bush seems to flower more every year... well worth the wait for 5 days of glory.

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Gazing at Stars: Heather's Stargazers


The most beautiful flowers in the late summer garden

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Artsy Flowers of My World - a Garden in Black and White


An experiment in black and white with flowers that show contrast in 2 colors and the shades between them.

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Amish Paradise (Living in 1)


good ol' Ephrata, PA - smack dab in the middle of Amish country.
We been spending most our lives
Living in an amish paradise
Were all crazy mennonites
Living in an amish paradise
Theres no cops or traffic lights
Living in an amish paradise

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Ephrata Rails to Trails


All of the images that people can see along the Ephrata to Warwick and on to Lititz Rails to Trails.

255 files, last one added on Jan 01, 2019

Baby Owls and Night Herons of Ephrata


An album filled with pictures of our newest Ephrata Park residents, who (HOO!) show up as winter releases its hold on Amish Paradise.

111 files, last one added on Sep 22, 2018

The Great Ephrata Sinkhole of 2016


Nothing like waking up to a huge 30+ foot deep hole 200 feet up your block. Thanks to the town of Ephrata and the construction crews for fixing it quickly and well!

11 files, last one added on Jan 22, 2017

Right Next Door to Ephrata - Akron Park


A nice big series of playing fields with a relatively flat loop around the park.

11 files, last one added on Jul 23, 2016

Long's Park Lancaster: Quick and Quiet Nature Stroll


A relatively small, but very flat loop that allows people to hang out with the ducks and the koi in a very nice part of Lancaster by Park City Mall.

27 files, last one added on Oct 17, 2015

Lake Bigler: Sam's Paradise


Sam's pride and joy in all of its glory

11 files, last one added on Aug 14, 2015

Northwest Lancaster County River Trail


14 miles along the Susquehanna and growing!

61 files, last one added on Jun 20, 2018

Ephrata Cloister - proud to be displaying where people didn't have sex


Proudly displaying the great American tradition of "don't have sex EVER - just pray and wonder why your membership is vanishing (like the Shakers before them)," the Ephrata Cloister represents a great life for monk committed to self sacrifice and ritual abuse (hard beds, lack of food and sleep) to prove that he / she can get closer to God for it. Not that we're preaching, but frankly, we think there are better ways to do that.

29 files, last one added on Dec 10, 2011

Hans Herr House - the oldest house in Lancaster County


Hans Herr House is the oldest house in Lancaster County, hailing from the early 1700s. Very picturesque and rustic, it makes a fun day out.

34 files, last one added on Dec 24, 2016

James Buchanan's Gravesite and Historic Places


18 files, last one added on Nov 07, 2017

The quick walk around Lancaster Central Park


Lancaster Central Park is a nice place for a quick walk, which makes it an ideal escape if we don't feel like driving on a day we want to get out of the house.

12 files, last one added on Dec 10, 2011

That Pet Store: Fun in Store for Animal Lovers


A trip with my niece Chloe and my nephew Quinny to That Pet Store in Lancaster.

25 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2015

Short Hikes to Steep Cliffs, Geology, and a short hike: Money's Rock


a quick hike outside of Ephrata with a big drop rock wall.

89 files, last one added on Aug 16, 2017

Fort Hunter Stately Mansion


31 files, last one added on Nov 07, 2017

Crystal Cave: Stalactites in Kutztown


Located in scenic Kutztown area... something like that at least. A small cave with some nice formations.

6 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2014

The Horse Shoe Trail - A Local Long Distance Hike


While it's over 120 miles and it's scenic, it's not running through the big emptiness of the central and western PA mountains - instead, it goes through the southeast from Valley Forge to Harrisburg - still, what I've seen is beautiful.

227 files, last one added on Aug 16, 2017

Journeys to Blue Marsh and the Tulpehocken Creek


The greatest place to hike in Berks County. So many people decree it for its falseness (the dam on the Tulpohocken Creek created it), but frankly, the views of all that surrounds it in this suburban county of ours make it a great day out.
And I love it. Need I say more.

592 files, last one added on Sep 19, 2018

Great Flood of 2006


All of the pictures that made the first heavy duty flood in 30 years a spectacle of enormous proportions. For those who saw the old album, we have rescanned the new stuff to look a lot better since let's be honest, the blow up pictures didn't come out right.

38 files, last one added on Aug 26, 2007

The Blizzards of 2010


These are the blizzards of Feburary 2010 (5+6 AND 9+10). Waiting for global warming to come and bring a green world to us - instead of this white world. Thanks for the brilliance Uncle Al (Gore, that is)!!

48 files, last one added on Sep 05, 2010

The Big Floods of 2011 - Ephrata Underwater


Not a pretty sight for the people who lived down around the creek.

22 files, last one added on Dec 21, 2012

Literary and Historical Places of Americ


All of the great writers, history, and events that made America a kickass place to be (and I can say this since I was expatriated for a while, so nyah!).

86 files, last one added on Dec 23, 2018

Sing it Kristy: Are You Looking for a New England


All of the non specified things that I have seen while traveling north of New York City and up 95 to the beautiful New England states.

24 files, last one added on Jan 21, 2014

Rutherford B Hayes House


22 files, last one added on Jan 22, 2017

It Was Great We Went to Maine


My 2000 trip to Maine and my 2002 trip with Pete to Maine. The New England coast at its finest.

27 files, last one added on Oct 05, 2010

So it was that my parents went to Maine


My parents trip to the Setleys vacation home in Maine

32 files, last one added on Nov 11, 2007

Mcgwire's Town: St. Louis Baseball


St. Louis, was and still is Mark Mcgwire's town.
And this it will stay forever in my mind.

23 files, last one added on Jan 01, 2019

Baseball Without John Fogerty


To show how much the game of baseball defines us.

80 files, last one added on Nov 13, 2017

But Can the ghost of Ty Cobb Make Prince Fielder Hit?: Commerica Ballpark


The home of the Detroit Tigers, Commerica Park, was never the home of Ty Cobb, but perhaps there is a sense that the spirit of the best Tiger ever (who was also the most despicable racist in baseball history this side of Cap Anson) is still there with the memory of Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, Alan Trammel, and Hal Newhouser.

36 files, last one added on Oct 26, 2013

Citizen's Bank Ballpark - Overspending on the Underperforming Phillies


I'm not a Phillies fan, but I'm glad that they've turned their team around - even if it meant paying Ryan Howard more than some small countries generate in a year.

105 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2013

Chesepeake Bay Baseball: The Orioles at Camden Yards


They've come back from the dead with Buck Showalter's boot. Their proud son, Cal Ripken, made sure that they'd sell tickets with himself in the lineup, but they never won after 1997. Sure, Jeffrey Maier didn't help, but neither did Albert Belle, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and a ton of injuries to Brian Roberts. Always a great place for a game - even if you're from out of town.

44 files, last one added on Jun 20, 2013

Cooperstown: For When You Want More Basball History Than MLBTV Can Give


If you were to salivate over the Ken Burns Baseball collection and live with the TV on MLBTV the way that I do, you would understand completely.

348 files, last one added on Sep 13, 2014

Journeys around Cooperstown


Van Hornesville Falls, Judd Falls, and Lake Otsego are featured in these pictures as well as surrounding sights that aren't baseball related.

118 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2014

Baseball Town or So the Song Goes


It's all about the circus, but the circus still has baseball - even if it's more between the innings than during the game.

44 files, last one added on Apr 15, 2011

Last Chance at Coming to the Park & Getting Paid to PlayLancaster Barnstormers


Lancaster's Independent League team in action. They're not the Reading Phillies, but they put on one heck of a fireworks show!

32 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2017

The Pictures of the PA Sportsman Show


Welcome to America - where we take guns and the outdoors seriously, and why not? That's why we have the 2nd Amendment and the right not to just eat meat that grocery stores provide for us. Really.

296 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2018

Redneck Sports


Mostly, this is a collection of my dad's hunting and fishing pictures, but it also features NASCAR, bullriding, and that kind of stuff.

119 files, last one added on Nov 05, 2016

Motorcycle / ATV Ice Racing at the Santander


The Sovereign Center in Reading hosted motorcycle, go-kart, ATV (3 + 4 wheelers), and general ice racing fun in January 2017, so the men of my family went for a Christmas present. Good times were had by all.

25 files, last one added on Jan 22, 2017

York Jeep Show 2016


Man, I need a Jeep.

76 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2016

Corvette dreams: When Powerball Victory Comes, a classic stingray is mine!


Let me be clear, I don't want anything from after when I was born. I'm just saying.

24 files, last one added on Jan 07, 2018

Orange County Choppers


While I've never been a motorcycle guy, I can appreciate some serious American muscle of Bon Jovi's steel horse variety!

30 files, last one added on Jun 04, 2017

Cars I would definitely drive if I won Powerball


If only I had all of the money that Powerball and Mega Millions could bring...

17 files, last one added on Jun 22, 2018

Driving Excitement


The joy of the cars that I've owned

5 files, last one added on Aug 26, 2007

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